Life Performance Blog: The Benefits Of Preparing Your Meals In Advance

Updated: Jun 24

What does it mean to "prep your meals"?

  1. Clearly envisioning your future healthy meals: from the bigger picture of nutrition categories, to the smaller details of the exact ingredients.

  2. Distilling down to the smallest basic steps of food prep needed to get you to your meal.

  3. Estimating the time and intervals you'll need to complete your food prep.

  4. Fitting those steps into your schedule consistently, to integrate meal prep as a regular routine in your lifestyle.

Why and how to practice

Eating healthy consistently is hard work. Healthy meals usually don't happen by accident. You have to make them happen with a little strategising and meal prep.

Engage yourself as a food artist or engineer. Interacting with food is a creative craft.

The ways to prep food can vary — from very simple and easy, to very sophisticated and complex.

Switching your diet from highly-processed, convenience foods to fresh, minimally-processed whole foods will require that you invest more time and attention into preparation.

However, it doesn't require advanced education, or that you master a new degree from Le Cordon Bleu. (Maybe someday, in culinary artistry dreams.)

If meal prep feels intimidating to you, remember that the nutrition in whole food comes almost entirely done-for-you by Nature. Whole nutritious foods are always only a few steps away from being ready to eat.

It starts with your vision.

When you visualize your future healthy meal, what exactly is in it?

  • lean protein?

  • colourful vegetables?

  • smart carbs?

  • healthy fats?

Hand portions are an easy and consistent way to visualize how much of each food you want in your meal.

Most moderately active folks do best with about 1-2 hand portions of each category at each meal, for 3-4 meals per day.

Be specific in your plan. In order to make meal prep the most successful, you'll need to know exactly what you're prepping for. Distil it down to bite-sized steps.

What prep will your ingredients need from you?