Life Performance Blog: How To Get More From Your Exercise

How are you doing on workouts recently?

Find yourself on the spectrum and ask yourself some honest questions.

  • Are you feeling inspired in your workouts to see just how strong you can be—even in a tiny way?

  • Have you looked over the fence at the badass lifters in your gym, or people playing Ultimate Frisbee in the park, and wondered: What is it like to have that much fun?

  • Or are you fighting inner voices telling you to quit after two sets, 'cause you should get home and let out the dog and you biked to work so it should be OK to bail on the last set and wow—you are really sweating so it must be fine cause you also didn't really get your protein for the day so you should take it easy?

Wherever you are—it's cool (and normal). The key to progress is an honest self-assessment of your starting place.

Progressive Resistance

In exercise, progressive resistance means that things get more difficult over time. We need progressive resistance in order to get better. We can't keep doing exactly the same workout all the time. Eventually, our bodies get used to it and we stop changing.

Yet, if we try to be just a little bit better every time we train, those small efforts add up.

Usually, it's not as easy as just adding a few more pounds to the bar. More weight doesn't help you if you need to progress in a different way—say, by improving your technique, or your focus, or your attitude.

Maybe you actually need to progress by going backwards—by quieting your ego, lowering the weight and improving your pain-free range of motion.