Life Performance Blog: How To Build A Healthy Home

Shape your home to support your goals

What does it mean to “build a supportive home environment”?

1. Being clear on the priorities and goals that you have for your home environment.

How exactly do you want your home to support you? What do you want from your home environment, that you aren't getting from your work or other community?

2. Assessing your current home environment, and how you interact with it.

What defines your home? Is it the feeling of certain people, places, things, or activities? What are the details that are most influential to you and your choices at home?

How are those details affecting you, and moving you towards or away from your goals? How is your environment changing you?

3. Making small, intentional changes to build a home environment that matches your goals.

What small changes can you make to better align your environment to your goals, to build a more supportive home environment?

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