10 Steps To Living Longer

One: Exercise Regularly

A number of studies have documented the fact that engaging in sound exercise on a regular basis can have a significant impact on how long a person lives.

One theory hypothesizes that you extend your life two seconds for every second that you exercise.

Two: Reduce The Total Number Of Calories You Ingest

In theory, digesting food wears down the body’s machinery and creates by-products (e.g. free radicals) that can harm the body. Accordingly, eating less food results in less damage to your body.

Documentation for such a theory comes from the considerable research involving lad animals that were fed 30% less than normal, they lived 30% longer.

Three: Stop Smoking

Evidence suggests that quitting smoking for five years can add two years to the average life span. Enough said.

Four: Keep Your Blood Pressure Down

Research has shown that taking action to keep your blood pressure level below the recommended reading of 120/80 mmHg can lengthen your life by three years.

Five: Keep Your Blood Cholesterol Levels At An Appropriate Level