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myHealth Blog: How Others Impact What You Eat

Hi and welcome to this week's 50 & Beyond Health & Wellbeing blog. Each week I will provide you with knowledge, tips, advice and recommendations to inspire you to sustain good metabolic health specific to being over 50. Chris Deavin, myHealthCoach

My Nutrition Advice; "One of the main reasons people overeat is due to the feeling of hunger. But is it really hunger? In our modern world, most people have lost the ability to distinguish the difference between hunger and cravings. Hunger is your body telling you that you are short of certain nutrients. Where cravings can be driven by things like your environment, the people you are with or the mood you are in."

My Exercise Tip; "Who doesn't want great results without having to put in the work? That is what we humans do. We look for the path of least resistance. That is not the world we live in tho. Truly great results come from putting the work in and being smart about how you train."

My Lifestyle Suggestion; "A lot of our decisions when it comes to what to eat are impacted by the people around us. Who is it that cooks your food? What food is available on social occasions? Where are you getting your nutritional advice from? Without knowing it we can give away control of what we eat to others, who might not have our health at the heart of their decision-making."

My Mindset Building Strategy;

"For most people, when it comes to getting healthy, it is usually an all-or-nothing approach. If you can't do everything perfectly, you might as well not even bother. But you don't need to be perfect (by the way, no one is) to start seeing improvements in your health. It is better to focus on the gains you make more than the remaining gap."


Struggling to stay consistent. Here are three ways I can help;

1. Take my free 50 & Beyond Health Audit and in 3 easy steps, find out what you should start doing today to gain control over your health, fitness and wellbeing.

2. Join one of my free 30-Day Habit Challenges to learn how to maintain good habits and achieve your desired health goals. The number one reason people fail to improve their health is not consistently sticking to the correct healthy habits.

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Chris, myHealthCoach

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