Life Performance Blog: How Do You Know If you Are Truly Hungry?

Do you need to eat... or want to eat... or feel like you should eat?

Need, want, or should?

You need to eat. You know, to keep your body alive, and stuff.

But often we don't need to eat. We want to eat. We feel like we should eat.

Our bodies' natural hunger and fullness signals can get drowned out by "noise" from:

1. What we feel. “It's been a tough day. I've earned some pizza and beer. Danger pay, right?”

2. What's around us. "Damn, that steak smells good!"

3. What we think. “It’s 1 pm. I’m not really hungry, but I should eat. I mean, it is lunchtime.”

4. What other people think or want. "Another helping? Well, I shouldn't... ah, what the hell."

If you've ever been in military or police training, you'll know: