Life Performance Blog: Why Are Healthy Fats So Good For Us?

Healthy fats are:

  • naturally occurring (such as the fat in olives, nuts and seeds);

  • relatively minimally processed (either they’re whole foods, or they’ve been simply pressed or ground).

These are the kinds of fats that keep your hormones healthy, your brain happy and smart, your fatty tissues (such as your eyes and skin) well-lubed, and your body chemistry working smoothly.

When you eat healthy fats, you feel good, perform well, and recover easily.

Plus stuff tastes really good. (Avocado, nut butter, and coconut! And a little bit of dark chocolate... yessssss)

What makes other fats unhealthy?

Unhealthy fats tend to increase inflammation, risk of heart disease and cancer, and other undesirable things.

What makes these particular fats “unhealthy”?