Life Performance Blog: Hunger Is Not An Emergency

Hunger is not an emergency.

Here's what to do when you feel hungry, rushed, or just plain irritable.

You’ve just spent two hours waiting to go through security and you’re finally in the airport terminal.

You speed-walk to your gate and see that your flight is just getting ready to board.

You’re starving. You don’t have time to sit down and eat anything, and you’re not sure if they’re serving food on your flight.

Suddenly you smell the unmistakable perfume of doughnuts.

Ten minutes later you hand the attendant your passport, which is covered in sticky doughnut-scented fingerprints. You get on your flight, already flying on a sugar high.

Unlike the plane, which is statistically unlikely to nosedive, you know a crash is imminent. What happened?

• Did you “lose your willpower”? Perhaps. But nobody can be iron-willed forever. • Did you “screw up”? Depends on your denfinition. We prefer “made a less- optimal choice”.

Our guess: You experienced hunger as an emergency. It’s pretty natural to feel this way.

When we get hungry and our brains notice our blood sugar dropping, our bodies release adrenaline.

Adrenaline is our “fight-or-flight” hormone.

When it’s unleashed, it feels like panic. Our heart races. We feel panicky.

This feeling will be especially strong if you’ve had a lot of sugar or caffeine beforehand. (Ever wonder why doughnuts and coffee go so well together? It’s pretty much a perfect, self- sustaining life cycle: caffeine, crash, sugar, crash, caffeine, crash...)

We're not used to doing without food for long periods. We can access food pretty much 24 hours a day, unlike our ancestors who had to go hungry if the hunting and gathering sucked.