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Myhealth Blog: The Real Reason Why You Will Succeed Or Not

Hi and welcome to this week's 50 & Beyond Health & Wellbeing blog. Each week I will provide you with knowledge, tips, advice and recommendations to inspire you to sustain good metabolic health specific to being over 50. Chris Deavin, myHealthCoach

My Nutrition Advice; "Never be satisfied with what you know about nutrition. Never stop learning and be influenced by people who want you to eat a certain way. Keep learning and stay in control of your food and your health."

My Exercise Tip; "So you don’t have time to exercise? People who do find the time have a mindset of “How can I make this work?” People who don’t have a mindset of “What are all the reasons I don’t have time?” The first person will end up becoming fitter and stronger. The other won’t."

My Lifestyle Suggestion; "Many think comfort and luxury are the symbols of a successful life, but they are wrong. Having a purpose that makes you and the people around you happy is what you need to be enthusiastic about."

My Behaviour Recommendation; "Your mind is more open to new possibilities and change if it stays flexible and adaptable. A fixed mindset can not absorb new ideas and thoughts. When you lose your ability to adapt and move with your environment, change becomes harder to achieve."

My Workout Pick; Try and complete this workout as many times as you can this week. Complete 1 round of the following exercises every 3 minutes. Every 3 minutes add 2 reps per exercise. Keep going till the number of reps can not be completed within 3 minutes.

12 x Squat To Overhead Press

12 x Bicycle Crunches

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Chris, myHealthCoach

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