The Easy Way To Plan Your Health

Like anything in life that you want, having a plan to achieve it increases the chance of getting the right results in the quickest way.

For example, when trying to transform your body, knowing what you want to achieve is the first step of your plan. Make the goals you have specific, as the more specific your goals are the better sense of direction you have.

Rather than saying 'I want to lose seven pounds' you should say 'I want to get down to 10.5 stones', this is also known as starting with the end in mind.


As well as making the goal specific, making it measurable will tell you how long your plan needs to be and will help you gauge any progression you are making.

Not knowing where you are going makes any journey hard work. Give the goal a time frame, this helps set short and mid term steps, also this can help decide if the goal is realistic in the time.

Knowing why you want to achieve your goals is important. Think of what achieving your body transformation goal will mean to you. For example; would transforming your body help you improve your health, or make you feel more confidant.

Whatever the reason, knowing why you want to transform your body more than just losing weight, can help you stay focused when things get a bit hard.