Life Performance Blog: Looking Good vs Feeling Good. What Is More Important To You?

We are currently living in a world where we are encouraged to look a certain way. There are countless videos and images on social media promoting a certain look or image and how to best achieve the so called perfect looking body. But is health and fitness more than just how we look? What about how we feel.

It is easier for certain fitness companies and self-claimed fitness gurus to promote the way exercise should make us look, as the majority of us are visual communicates. In other words, we prefer to learn visually than audibly and kinaesthetically. That is why Instagram is so popular.

It is a lot harder to promote how you should feel. How can you promote how a certain exercise or food can make you feel. How you feel is more of a personal thing then how you look. Wrongly or rightly we judge people on first appearances. So how we look is important if we want to make a good first impression.

So what is more important? How we look or how we feel?