Life Performance Blog: Who Do You Have To Help?

Nothing worth doing can be done alone. Phil Caravaggio

Start looking for your "pit crew" — all the people who can support and help you in your journey around the track of health.

Start recruiting your supporters

The people around us — family, friends, co-workers, roommates, etc. — can influence what we do. Make that work in your favour.

This week try building your social support network by recruiting some cheerleaders and helpers for Team You. You don't have to dump all your friends and only find new ones at boot camp or Kalefest.

Rather, look for ways that you can incorporate health, fitness, and good nutrition into your daily interactions with the people you know and love.

Along the way, you might have to have some tough, honest conversations about what you need.

You might have to negotiate some changes in your household routines.

But you'll probably nd that most people are rooting for you and want you to be healthier and happier.

Team recruitment 101

The more people you recruit for your team, the better your chances of succeeding will be. No matter how you do this:

• Buddy up. Don't be a lone wolf all the time.

• Look for opportunities everywhere. Be creative. Have fun.

• Be patient, but persistent. Not everyone will come around to your new healthy habits right away. That's normal.

• Figure out what YOU need to be your best self and ask for it. Remember: You need to put your own oxygen mask on before helping others.

• Focus on what you can control.

You can't control other people. You can only be the boss of you. You're in charge of your actions and your attitude, and you can do lots of things to improve your environment.

These are just a few ideas. "Grab and go" with the ones that suit your needs and your life. Even little changes add up.

Healthy living for the whole family

If you're a parent, you have a lot of power. You do the grocery shopping and organize family activities.

You're also a role model. Your kids are watching what you do.

This is a great chance to set a healthy example in your household and to provide the structure that kids need.

Healthy living is another opportunity to bond with loved ones. Cooking dinner with your partner (sibling, parent, etc.) or taking an after-dinner stroll together can help you both unwind and connect.

Here are some ideas that previous clients have shared with me.

Take your kids shopping "Let them pick out a vegetable th