Life Performance Blog: The Best Exercise For Physical Health

Understanding as much about the human body as possible gives us a better idea of what exercises we should be applying to improve its capabilities. By increasing your knowledge by as little as only 10% will improve your fitness by as much as 100%.

With this added knowledge you will have a better understanding if certain exercises are doing what they should be doing and then how to adjust the exercise to give you the maximum benefits.

Muscles Of The Body

To work a muscle correctly you must contract the muscle along the line that the muscles bres run. That allows the muscle to incorporate as many bres as possible creating greater strength gains.

Muscular contraction results in motion & the maintenance of posture. For a muscle to contract (the agonist), it’s opposing (the antagonist) muscle has to stretch. When the antagonist muscle lacks exibility the agonist muscle is unable to contract fully therefore losing strength & power.

A correct balance between the flexibility and strength of different muscles is vital if muscular strength & endurance is to be achieved. An incorrect balance could also lead to an injury.