Life Performance Blog: How Do You Become A Consistent Healthy Person?

Consistency, Not Compensation

You can't outrun a poor diet, so start with a solid foundation of smart eating choices.

What's the difference?

Consistency is present-focused and forgiving.

It means focusing on your personal daily plan of small actions. And it also means knowing that you won't always meet the plan. In those times, focusing on consistency means being strong on forgiveness.

Focusing on consistency, you can get restarted as soon as possible. You can be back on-plan immediately, in this moment, without any moral regrets and compensation for whatever happened in the past. With a focus on consistency, you're always starting with a clean slate.

Compensation is backward-focused and regretful.

It means acting out of regret or dissatisfaction. Rather than operating from a clean slate, compensation is a way to "make-up for" or "undo" a past choice. The actions often show-up as hasty, frantic, or impulsive.