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Life Performance Blog 7.10.19

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Quote For The Week:

Sam Altman, an entrepreneur and chairman of Y Combinator, on making the most of your one life: 

“Life is not a dress rehearsal—this is probably it. Make it count. 

"Time is extremely limited and goes by fast. Do what makes you happy and fulfilled—few people get remembered hundreds of years after they die anyway. Don’t do stuff that doesn’t make you happy (this happens most often when other people want you to do something). Don’t spend time trying to maintain relationships with people you don’t like, and cut negative people out of your life…

"The days are long but the decades are short."

Something To Live By:

- You know yourself mostly by your thoughts.

- Everyone else in the world knows you only by your actions.

- Remember this when you feel misunderstood. You have to do or say something for others to know how you feel.

Ask Yourself This:

Look at each item on your to-do list and ask, "Is this truly necessary?”

Health Article For The Week:

Your Health Coach, Chris

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