9 Easy Things To Do To Improve Your Health

Here are nine simple things you can do each day to improve how you feel, your wellbeing, therefore your health:

1. Get Outside Actual research has shown that being outside in nature reduces stress, makes you more creative, and improves your memory.

2. Exercise Everyone who has exercised, knows how good they feel after doing it. Besides the common physical health benefits everyone knows you get from exercising, exercise can also make you smarter, sleep better, increased libido. 

3. Spend Time With Friends & Family  Research has shown that not feeling socially connected can lead to increased risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes, as well as depression and dementia.

4. Express Gratitude Thanking others can seriously increase overall happiness, improve relationship with people in your life, increases social interactions and makes you someone others want to help.

5. Meditate  Meditation can increase happiness, meaning in life, social support and attention span while reducing anger, anxiety, depression and fatigue. Along similar lines, prayer can make you feel better — even if you’re not religious.

6. Get Enough Sleep You