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Tips On How To Eat Well This Week

One secret to eating well each week, is to keep it simple.

This will involve thinking less, making fewer eating decisions and letting your environment do much of the work for you. 

If you have at hand healthy food and it is convenient, you are more likely to eat it. So create a trusted system for making healthy food available each day.

Create for yourself a 'food ritual'. 

A 'food ritual' just means you set aside time each week to prepare some healthy food choices in advance, so it is ready, available and convenient when you require it.

Choose the same day each week to do the following steps:

Step One

Look ahead to your week and see what's happening. What challenges or opportunities you might encounter? Where might you need some extra meal/food prep in advance? What are going to be your quiet and busy times? Etc.

Step Two

Create a general meal plan for each day of the week. It doesn't have to be anything to in-depth. Just a basic sense of what you might need to have for the week ahead.

Step Three

Build your food shopping list from your weekly meal plan. This will help you be as effective and efficient as possible when you go to the supermarket to do the food shopping. This will greatly reduce temptation to buy foods that are less healthy.

Step Four

When you are at the supermarket stock up on what you need for the week. Consider grabbing a few extra emergency items as well, like canned beans, frozen veg, or easily kept healthy options that you can use, when your week doesn't go to plan.

Step Five

Once you have all the food you need at home, start prepping and cooking your meals for the week ahead. Start by creating a batch of lean protein, for example, by grilling or roasting several chicken breasts at once. Try some one-pot meals that can easily be cooked in a slow cooker, then divided into containers and frozen or refrigerated, such as soups, stews, curries etc. 

Some people prefer to prepare all their meals for the week on Sundays. Others prefer to figure out which meals will be easy to cook just prior to meal time and save then for later, preparing only meals that they need for busy times (such as lunches at work).

Do what works for you and your schedule.

Chris , myHealthCoach

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