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MyHealth Blog: 5 Lifestyle Mistakes To Avoid

Hi and welcome to this week's 50 & Beyond Health & Wellbeing blog. Each week I will provide you with knowledge, tips, advice and recommendations to inspire you to sustain good metabolic health specific to being over 50. Chris Deavin, myHealthCoach

My Nutrition Advice; "What are your top risks when it comes to sticking to your nutrition habits? What are your unique strengths and how can you leverage them to minimise the risks? "

My Exercise Tip; "Just because you work hard doesn’t mean you will achieve what you want. Just because you are making a great effort to improve your health doesn’t mean you you doing the right thing for your health. Make sure all of your effort and energy is being put to good use."

My Lifestyle Suggestion; "Life can be full of interruptions and distractions. You will be constantly pulled off course when trying to keep to healthy habits. It is not the fact that you will be pulled off course, but what do you need to do to get back on track."

My Behaviour Recommendation; "What is the one action you can do today to create the health outcome you want in your life?"

My Habit-Building Advice For The Week;

"What you believe drives what you think. What you think drives your actions. Your results are a result of your actions. If you keep achieving the wrong results, then take a look at your core beliefs."


Are you struggling to stay consistent and reach your health goals? Here are a couple of ways I can help;

12-Week Health Plans to get you started and moving towards your health goals with daily coaching lessons, nutrition plans, exercise plans, and stress/recovery plans. In 12 weeks, I will coach you on what it will take to achieve optimal health over the age of 50 and how you can sustain the results for years to come. Email me via for more information.

Free Health Review. Take my comprehensive health review and find out how healthy, fit and strong you are currently and what simple measures you can take today to improve all health metrics. I will provide a detailed and personalised health report covering your current nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress. Know what you are doing today so that you can change tomorrow.

Social Media:

Check out my social media channels for daily health advice, workouts and tips.

To learn more about improving your health and what I provide as a health coach, feel free to email me any questions via Happy to help in any way I can.

Chris, myHealthCoach

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