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Follow This Process For A Lifetime Of Good Health

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

To achieve something of worth certain steps need to be followed and adhered to. You can’t just take random steps and hope you will arrive at the destination you want.

And your health is no different. In everything you eat or exercise you do there is always a result you will achieve. Common sense tells us that if you are not happy with the results you are achieving form what you are doing, then change what you are doing to achieve a different outcome.

So what is the right process you should follow if you want the outcome of a lifetime of good health?

If I knew the answer to that, I would tell you. But here’s the thing, no one knows the answer. Not yet, anyway.

There is no process out there that is ready for you to follow and adapt to your lifestyle. You need to create one that is only right for you at this time in your life and keep adapting it as you go along.

Of course, to get started we can follow well-established processes like, eat more natural foods than processed food and move more than staying sedentary. But if it was as simple as that then everyone would be healthier.

To follow any process though you first must want to follow it. To change what you are currently doing i.e eating convenience food over preparing natural whole food requires an element of discomfort. Giving the time and effort to preparing a meal from scratch rather than a food manufacturer doing it for you.

This change requires a certain mindset. A mindset that is more accepting of discomfort and doing things differently. A mindset that doesn’t mind trying something new and not getting it right the first, second or even the third time. A mindset that understands that sticking at something and persevering will end up achieving a better result than it is already achieving.

Only when you have a mindset like the one above will you be able to follow a process consistently enough for it to reap the benefits you are looking for.

To create such a mindset you first must value the outcome you want enough, so change can occur with ease and minimal discomfort. If what you are required to do is more of a discomfort then the benefits you will gain from doing it, then you will stay where you are, as you will believe that what you already have is less of a discomfort then the changes required for something different.

Say you already have the right mindset to follow the right process to having a lifetime of good health but have you built the right environment for the mindset and process to be implemented and to flourish?

The right environment is one that provides support, the right tools and skills needed and encouragement to follow the right process.

Do you have people around you that support and encourage you to make the necessary changes? Or are you surround by people who make things more challenging and knock you of course by putting obstacles in your way?

You can group people into two types; Buddies & Cheerleaders, or, Hecklers and Saboteurs.

Buddies and Cheerleaders are people who will either join you and also start applying themselves the changes you are willing to make or reduce the barriers in your way by being more supportive and making sure you stay on track and focused.

Hecklers and Saboteurs on the other hand (most of the time sub-consciously), tell you what you are trying to achieve is unachievable and that you have tried and failed before, so why is now any different. Or even worse, afraid that you will achieve where they have failed and therefore will try and sabotage you achieving it. This could be in the form of not wanting to eat differently or taking the easy option when it comes to activity.

As well as creating a better support network, surrounding yourself with people who have achieved what you want will help you understand better what is required with regards to the tolls and skills needed. These people have more than likely got things wrong along their journey, and by learning from them will make your journey easier and quicker.

As you can see, no matter what process you have found that might work, having the right people around you will decide if you can best implement that process. No one is an island. The rest of the world will have a say in you achieving your goals or not. Learn to change your environment before following any process.

I am guessing now that you want to know what is the best process to follow for a lifetime of good health?

The clients of mine that have achieved the best results over a prolonged period of time consistently follow the habits below every day:

1. The perform some form of challenging physical activity

2. They take at least 30 minutes to relax and switch off

3. They spend time with a loved one or socialise with friends

4. They only eat carbohydrates from fruit and veg

5. They don’t drink any calories

6. They drink 4 pints of pure water

7. They eat protein and fat with every main meal (including breakfast)

8. They get to bed before 10pm

9. They sleep for 7-8 hours

10. They learn something new

So it is simple. Just follow the above (and I haven’t come across anyone who can’t do at least 8/10 of the above habits) and you will have a lifetime of good health. Anything more is complicating the process.

So why is it, not all my clients follow them 100% of the time? Even though they know they will have a greater chance of achieving what they want.

It always comes down to their current mindset and the environment they are in. The better they are, the greater the chance of following the right process.

So before you start seeking the right process (restrictive diet or fancy exercise programme), ask yourself the following question;

“Do have the right mindset and environment to implement the process I want to follow?”

If the answer is ‘no’, then hold off following the process. Otherwise, the chances of success are greatly lowered and you will think the process is wrong.

It could be the right one, it is just that you weren’t in the best position to follow it.

myHealthCoach, Chris

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