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Life Performance Blog: 5 Benefits Of Meal Prepping

Welcome to this week's Life Performance Blog. Each week I will share with you health articles, podcasts, workouts and the latest research when it comes to living a healthy life.

My aim is to help people become better informed, take action and move towards better health, a stronger body and mind, and take control back of their health and wellbeing.

This Week's Health Article: The Benefits Of Preparing Your Meals In Advance

One of the main reasons I hear from people why they find it difficult to eat healthy meals is the time it takes to prepare them.

Depending on your nutritional needs and where and how you get your food, some helpful steps to preparing meals in advance can go a long way to improving the meals you eat and improve your overall health and wellbeing.

This week's health article looks at why meal prepping is useful to stay on track with your health goals and tips on how to make meal prepping quick and easy.

This Weeks Health Podcast: Treating Cancer With Diet & Lifestyle

This week's podcast is from Peak Human & Brian Sanders.

Brian speaks with Dr Leigh Erin Connealy MD who is the medical director at 'The Cancer Centre For Healing'. In this discussion, they talk about how to reduce your chance of developing cancer through nutrition and lifestyle and how diet and lifestyle can help treat cancer alongside medical interventions.

This Week’s Health Research: Healthy ageing: the natural consequences of good nutrition

Studies that span age, geography and income all suggest that access to quality foods, host immunity and response to inflammation/infections, impaired senses (i.e., sight, taste, smell) or mobility are all factors which can limit intake or increase the body’s need for specific micronutrients.

This Week's Workout Recommendation:

Each week I will recommend a workout that, if performed multiple times through the week, will help you increase strength, cardio fitness, mobility and mental confidence. Depending on your access to equipment, change the exercises to suit but keep the workout protocol the same.

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Chris, myHealthCoach

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