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How To Build A Habit: Make It Easy (4/5)

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

The most effective way to learn is to practise what it is you want to learn.

Yes, you have to plan, but unless you take action, your plan is useless.

To build a lasting habit, you have to repeatedly perform the actions or behaviours and progressively make them automatic.

It is not how long you spend performing the new habit but how often you perform it that matters.

Human behaviour always tries to find the path of least resistance. The option that takes the least effort.

So it is best to create an environment that makes it easier for you to perform the desired habit.

If you reduce the friction it takes to perform a certain action or behaviour, then the action becomes easier to do consistently.

As well as reducing the friction to perform the right habits, creating friction in performing bad habits is also helpful.

Most habits occur when you have to make a choice. Your choice will determine if your actions are productive or unproductive.

The choice you make will be determined by how easy the action you want to perform is.

If your environment makes the action you choose easier to perform, then your choice is easier to make.

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