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myHealth Blog: 7 Foods That Will Make You Smarter

Hi and welcome to this week's 50 & Beyond Health & Wellbeing blog. Each week I will provide you with knowledge, tips, advice and recommendations to inspire you to sustain good metabolic health specific to being over 50. Chris Deavin, myHealthCoach

My Nutrition Advice; "Most people will treat nutrition as a tool that will help them lose weight, look better naked and feel healthier. But nutrition also plays a big role in cognitive health. How healthy our brains are. The more natural the food we eat, the better mental health we will have."

My Exercise Tip; "One of the most common things I hear when someone describes exercise is how boring it can be and they only exercise because they have to for their health. I am not saying you have to love exercise, but getting some enjoyment from it will certainly help you become more exercise consistent."

My Lifestyle Suggestion; "Staying healthy in modern society is really tough. It can become a constant fight just to stay where you are and not go backwards with regard to your health. To keep moving forward, you need to have a strong, unwavering reason (why) to be healthy and fit. Any diluting of your WHY will make it easier to fall into bad habits and behaviours."

My Habit-Building Strategy;

"With so much health advice around, it can be hard to know where to start. With all clients, no matter how experienced, I always start off by making sure they are doing the fundamental habits that underpin health. Without these fundamental habits, more complex habits and behaviours will fail."

Looking For Someone To Help Keep You On Track...

If you require more advice and support in becoming more habit consistent, please feel free to contact me to discuss how my coaching can help.

Just drop me an email at, or join one of my 30-Day Habit Challenges.

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Chris, myHealthCoach

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