Life Performance Blog: Make A Good Day Great

From the moment we wake to the moment we go to bed, many of us have a full “dance card”. In other words, the time allotted for various activities that need to be done in order for our lives to run smoothly or to full some other criteria we have set to make our life orderly and purposeful.

Having a purpose in our days is very important, otherwise, why bother getting out of bed in the first place? The mistake we make is to create a life that is so full of “purposeful activities” that we forget why we’re doing them in the first place and we allow little time for pleasure.

Now purpose and pleasure do not necessarily have to be distinct from each other. We may exercise for the purpose of maintaining a healthy body, or enjoy getting out on the bike or going for a run - and they are great time-efficient ways of living a happy and satisfying life – or at least for an hour of the day!

But we occasionally forget to take stock of our routine to ensure that we do have a portion of our day spent in pleasurable activities. Because without pleasure, life becomes one long responsibility and drives us to forgo time where we can lose ourselves in something we enjoy.

It’s the “losing ourselves” that is the important piece. Activities that allow us to have complete absorption and a loss of sense of time are known as activities that produced “flow”

What Is Flow?

The term “flow” is usually used in a sporting context, but the definition of flow is “a state of complete absorption in a complex and challenging activity that stretches one’s skills”. And this can happen anywhere.

Csikszentmihalyi is a world-famous researcher on the psychology of optimal experience –what he calls flow. An essential element of any flow experience is that your perceived abilities match the perceived challenge of the task at hand.

In this balance, we can become truly “engaged” in the activity and some of our peak experiences will occur then. He explains that flow experiences involve clear goals, effortless y