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Life Performance Blog 13.1.20

Something To Live By:

Hard work is not always something you can see. It is not always physical effort.

In fact, the most powerful form of hard work is thinking clearly. Designing a winning strategy may not look very active, but make no mistake: it is very hard work.

Strategy often beats sweat.

Quote For The Week:

Writer Laurie Buchanan on the behaviours and life we don’t choose:

"Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing."

Ask Yourself This:

What do you really wish you had the courage to do?

Follow up: How can you take the first step in the next 5 minutes?​

Health Article For The Week:

A strong reason we might find it harder to be successful when it comes to achieving your goals is our self-belief. What we choose to believe can have a strong influence on the actions we take. In this week's selected coaching article, we look at how to change what you believe so you can be more successful and happy.

Have a good week and please reach out if you require more help and advice on living a healthier life.

Your Health Coach, Chris

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