Why Your Health Is A Reflection Of Your Core Values

Why is it some people see amazing results from following a certain nutrition or exercise plan, where the next person struggles to even follow them?

That has been the puzzle I have encountered many times over the years of being a health coach.

Why do some of my clients follow what I recommend at least 80% of the time (in some very rare cases 100%), and others start off keen and focused (even seeing encouraging early results) but slowly reduce their compliance and consistency to a level that still leaves them happy with the results they are achieving, but never really achieving what they potentially can?

All my clients say the right things when I ask them what they feel they need to do with regards to achieving their best health, but then in their daily lives do the complete opposite.

There is a moment with some clients which I call the ‘click’. Something clicks in them and they all of a sudden start doing 100% (or very close to it) of the things that I have been recommending when it comes to nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.

From that point forward they start seein