Life Performance Blog: What Is A Healthy Environment?

Most people think motivation is the most important thing needed to achieve health goals.

Which is true to some extent. The trouble with motivation though is we only have a certain amount of it and it is sporadic in nature.

What plays a bigger role in helping us achieve health goals and determines how much motivation we have is our environment.

To be able to stay motivated you need the right support around you, from family members, friends and work colleagues. No one has achieved great results on their own.

Your environment needs to be one that encourages collaboration with others and not one that increases isolation.

Only when everyone is working in the right direction will changes that are needed are easier to implement and follow.

Does your environment increase or decrease your ability to learn new skills and abilities needed to achieve something you don’t currently have? Does your environment make it easier or harder to make the difficult decisions needed when it comes to changing your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle?

Having the right balance between work, rest and play are needed to be able to implement the correct nutrition, exercise and recovery recommendations. If work, rest and play are out of balance, any recovery will be poor, exercise commitment will suffer and negative nutrition triggers will be harder to control.