Only When You Take Responsibility Will You Have The Health You Want

I am writing this article at the start of the year, but it could be at any time. I say this as the start of the year is the most common time of the year for people to decide to make changes to their health.

I also write this while I live in the Northern Hemisphere. A time of year that is in the middle of winter, when not a lot of things are happening. The Christmas holidays are over and the daily routine of going to work and spending weekends around home kick in. The days are shorter and colder, and there is a feeling of hunkering down and getting through to spring.

What a great time of year to make changes in your health before the longer sunny days come back and provide distraction and temptation.

What if you live in the Southern Hemisphere though? It is the middle of summer, the school holidays go from mid-December to the start of February. The days are longer and warmer and it is the time of year to get busy and active with things that you don’t feel like doing in winter.

How hard would it be for people in the Northern Hemisphere to set new health resolutions in August? In the middle of your summer holidays you decide to cut out alcohol and sugar, and go to the gym more. A lot harder.