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Life Performance Blog: 5 Healthy Tips on Eating Out

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

You are eating better than you have for a while. You have made the decision to only eat foods that are natural and organic. 

But wait. You have just been invited to meet a friend for dinner at a local restaurant. Does the restaurant have a menu that matches your new-found eating habits?

Will they have meals that match your macronutrient requirements?

The following are 5 healthy tips on how to eat while out and not ruin your desire to eat better.

Tip 1: Be Prepared

Many restaurants now allow people to look at their menus on their websites in advance. If possible, take a look at what is available to eat before you go and decide on what you will, so you are not caught out when you go to order.

Tip 2: Look For Meals That Have Lean Protein & Veggies

Examples include salad and chicken breast. Look to add side orders to your main meal such as veggies or fruits. Any way you can, look at limiting non veggie and fruit type carbs and increasing lean protein.

Tip 3: Portion Sizing

Most restaurants like to offer you big portions so you feel you are getting more for your money. To limit how much you eat while out, look at ordering a starter for your main meal, as many are the portion size of what used to be a main meal size, or even order a kids portion size.

Tip 4: Choose Fish (if you like fish)

Seafood is often a good option, as most seafood is low in calories and high in protein. Try to avoid seafood that has been fried, battered or in a sauce though, as this will greatly reduce the nutrient quality.

Tip 5: Look For The Best Possible Option

What if the only option you have is pizza? For example, look for what pizza has the least amount of base and has more protein as a topping. Whatever the limitation of the menu, look for choices that match your needs as close as possible.

So you can see from the above tips. Going out for a meal doesn't have to be something that derails your mission to eating healthy.

Chris, myHealthCoach

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