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This Short 3 Minute Survey Will Reveal the #1 Thing You Need To Do To Finally Lose Weight And Get Fit & Healthy Over 50...

...No Matter How Many Times You've Tried (and failed) In The Past!

The process is simple, watch this short video and get started!

1. Take the Survey

This short survey will provide clarity and shine a light on the most important next step you need to take.

2. Book Your Call

Once you've completed your audit and clicked the submit button, book your call using the scheduler below.

3. Get Results

On our call, I'll go over your audit with you.  Together we'll hatch a plan that sets you down the proper path to results.

BONUS: Receive A FREE Personalised Meal Plan


As a bonus, just for completing my health survey, I will provide you with a personalised meal plan detailing the exact foods you need to eat each day to achieve optimal health, fitness and strength over the age of 50.

Take the Survey

50 & Beyond Health Survey
Weekly Exercise
How many of your meals are 50% protein?
How often do you consume ultra-processed food?
How often do you eat/drink (besides water) something between 8pm & 8am?
How often do you perform some form of structured strength training?
How often do you perform some form of exercise that leaves you out of breath?
How often do you perform some form of stretching and/or mobility based exercise?
How often do you get to bed before or by 10pm?
How often do you wake up full of energy and without any aches or pains?
How often do you feel stressed at some time during your day?
How often do relationships with family members/friends/work colleagues cause you stress or anxiety?

Thanks for submitting!

Book Your Call To Discuss Your Audit & Learn The Next Thing You MUST Do To Live Fit & Healthy Over 50

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