Aim To Fail If You Want To Achieve Your Goals

The health industry is built on lies. It promises people that if they only eat a certain way, exercise for the right amount of time and intensity or get 8 hours of sleep they will attain the goal they set out to achieve.

How can you promise something that is more than likely not going to happen 99% of the time?

It doesn’t take in to account all the disorder in someone’s life. To achieve perfect health someone’s life has to be in perfect order.

In the world of sales they understand the power of emotions. Emotions make people act. Know which emotion makes people buy what you are selling, then you market that for all you are worth.

The health industry knows that people are emotionally attached to their health. No-one deliberately works towards having poor health and all the pain and discomfort that comes from that.

People generally want to feel good about themselves, have more energy, less aches and pains and feel younger. They believe that by achieving all of this will make them happier, more content people. The health industry understands this and promotes what it believes to be the best course of action to achieving this utopia of good health.

They promote this perfect life of vitality and good looking bodies, but reality is, that we live in a imperfect world where failure is more common than success. Just because you are told to eat certain foods at certain times in the day, or you learn how to do the downward dog in yoga you are more likely to fail in your search for the perfect healthy body than achieve it.

I am here to tell you, that’s ok. It is the way life is meant to work. Stop fighting it and embrace the fact that perfection (which a goal is) is more likely out of your reach. That doesn’t mean we should not work hard in trying to attain it.

So why do so many strive to reach health perfection and ultimately fail? It is down to something called Entropy (lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder).

How does this affect the chances of someone achieving optimal health?

Imagine that you take a box of puzzle pieces and dump them out on a table. In theory, it is possible for the pieces to fall perfectly into place and create a completed puzzle when you dump them out of the box, but in reality that never happens.


Quite simply because the odds are overwhelmingly against it. Every piece would have to fall in just the right spot to create a completed puzzle. There is only one possible state where every piece is in order, but there are a nearly infinite number of states where the pieces are in disorder. Mathematically speaking, an orderly outcome is incredibly unlikely to happen at random.

In health terms, to achieve perfect health all your actions and that of the world around you need to fit together in unison.

Your body will need to digest perfectly the healthy food you give it, the healthy food would have to be perfect as nature attended it, your hormones would need to be all in balance so the nutrients from the healthy food are used by the body properly and not just got rid of as waste.