The Best Way To Break Bad Habits

Did you know that 90% of our behaviour is made up of habits?

Yes, that’s right – not conscious and deliberate action – mind numbing, thought-free habits!

If they happen to be habits that work for us (like putting our clothes away or placing the car keys in the same place each night) then that’s great. But all too often our habits are part of our behaviours that we would very much like to change – if only it wasn’t so hard!

Change isn’t easy. Some are harder than others. The first step is making the decision to change.

Let’s presume that you have decided that the cost is more than the benefit of the habit (or habits) in question. You have made a firm commitment to change and have looked into the various options available to you. You have worked out quite clearly why you want to make the change and have a great picture of what life will be like when you have succeeded.