Getting In Better Shape Is Simple. Just Do This One Thing

What did you think when you read the title of this article? Was it ‘finally an easy way to get the results I want’ or was it ‘yeah right. I have tried so many different ways to get in better shape. I know for a fact it isn’t simple”. 

Whatever was your thought tells you your current mindset. It is either you want an easy way to get what you want and would like not to have to work harder than you need to, to achieve it, or you accept that only hard work and perseverance will make it happen.

Understanding how someone thinks helps you promote the right message to the right people. Even if the message isn’t true. It becomes true to the person you are saying it to. 

Whenever you see a message that speaks true to you, think, is it actually going to do what it says or does it just reinforce my current belief system. If it is what I believe in, then it makes it true.

If your belief is one of instant gratification then you will search for information that gives you that result. And you will convince yourself that it is the best decision to make for you right there and now.

If your belief is that things of importance are not achieved easily, then you will doubt the information you are seeing and keep looking for the right answer to your question, “What is the solution to achieving the health I want?”

As a health coach that focuses mainly on long-term sustainable results, I am aware how attractive quick and instant results are to certain mindsets (and the people who promote them also know who they are targ