How To Get Others​ To Help You

I have found that the easiest client to coach is one that doesn’t already have perceived ideas about what it takes to be healthy.

In previous coaching articles I have written how important it is to have a ‘growth mindset’ compared to a ‘fixed mindset’, when it comes to changing what you currently have to something better.

A growth mindset allows you to take on board new ideas and attempt challenges you might have thought impossible to overcome.

A growth mindset is one that sees change is possible through hard work, grit, resilience and can be achieved through learning what is needed to be done.

A fixed mindset is one that believes that change is difficult, challenging and therefore it is not possible to improve on what you have, and that habits of a lifetime can’t be changed.

A fixed mindset is also one that already knows what will work and won’t work, when it comes to achieving the results you want.

It is the second type of fixed mindset I want to tackle in this article.