How Do You Know The Direction You Are Going In, Is The Right One?

How many times have you set out to achieve the right result and ended up achieving something less, or worse, something completely different?

If that has happened to you, you are not alone. 

No one I have met has started a journey with the belief they will never reach the destination they want. You simply don’t start a journey if you think it is a pointless task. 

We all start off with good intentions and believe that we will get what we want. Sure, some of us will believe that the journey is going to be fun and easy, where some believe the road ahead will be tough going and not enjoyable. But both believe the goal is possible. 

So why is it only a few of us eventually end up where we want to be?

Is it because the destination (no matter how strong we believe it is) is just not physically or mentally achievable? Or is it that the process/plan we follow isn’t the right one?