Do You Have The Right Mind Skills To Be Healthy?

The world is full of information and the information in the world is more readily available than any other time in human history.

When it comes to information on how to live a healthy life, there are endless tips and advice on what and what not to eat, what the best exercise is to achieve the physical look you want, what the best strategy is to achieve a perfect night’s sleep and how to perfect the work/life balance.

Most, but not all of the information is produced by experts in the field of health and wellbeing, with many years of experience of helping people achieve the health of their dreams.

So with so much information being delivered by so many experts, why are so many people suffering from poor health? Is the information wrong? Is the information not being delivered properly to the right people? Or is it, people are taking in the information and then failing to act on it?

As a health coach myself I have read countless articles and books on what it means and takes to be healthier. I have engaged with experts in the health industry and learnt from them the best way to deliver the right information to my clients.