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Chris Deavin, Health Coach, Bsc. Dip. ACSM


do you want optimal health?
do you Value having good health?
do you accept your health is important as you get older?
are you willing to make the changes needed to improve your health?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself if you are serious about not just improving your health, but your life and what you want to achieve in it.


Your health is the bedrock of any success you will have.


Your health will decide if you have the focus, energy and determination needed to achieve the life goals you have set yourself.


Of course, most people want to live a healthy life but are not sure what true good health is or the best way to go about achieving it.


What is the correct nutrition for you to feel good, energised and ready to face life's challenges, or the right amount and type of exercise to be strong, fit and invigorated to enjoy life, and what lifestyle habits should you adapt to have more productive relationships with family and friends and improve your work/life balance?


Personalised Health Coaching provides the answers to the above questions through education, support, help and advice, and by providing a truly personalised approach and specific recommendations that match your goals and lifestyle.


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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit" - Aristotle

For any long-lasting health benefits to be achieved, you first must implement the right habits and behaviours on a daily basis.

Your personalised coaching programme will first teach you what the right habits and behaviours are, and then help you implement them into your current lifestyle. 

The Key To Good Health

Having the right mindset, applying the correct nutrition, performing the best exercises and living a balanced lifestyle are the main keys to a healthy life.


Your personalised health programme will educate you on how to create the right mindset, eat the best foods, perform the correct exercises and apply the right lifestyle for the health goals you have set yourself.

what I coach


For any long-term health results to be achieved, you first must have the right mindset.


This is sometimes called 'Readiness For Change'. 


Your personalised coaching programme will help you develop the correct mindset for lifelong change.


We all know how important nutrition is to our health, but what is the right nutrition for you?


Your personalised coaching programme will not just educate you on what you should be eating, but also how and when you should be eating.


Being physically active is crucial to having a healthy life, but what sort of exercise and how much exercise should you do?


Your personalised coaching programme will provide the right amount and type of exercise, as well as how intense you should make it for the best physical results in the quickest time. 


How you sleep, handle your time, manage your stress and engage with the people around you determines the mindset you have, the food you consume and how committed you are to exercise.


Your personalised coaching programme will show you how to plan your day, recover properly and engage the people around you in helping achieve optimal health. 

How i coach

Keep It Simple

Becoming and staying healthy has to be simple otherwise you will not be able to sustain any changes you make.


Where most health programmes give you in-depth complicated exercise and nutrition plans, I will work with you to create a simple and easy to follow programme that works alongside your current lifestyle, family and friends.


Knowledge is the key to success. The more you understand what you need to do and more importantly why, the better the chance of success.

I will not coach you on what you already know, like, what food is healthy, or that hard work is needed to get fit.


I will teach you how best to apply what you already know and then provide you with specific knowledge that will work for you and not just the masses. 


No one has achieved the best results on their own.


The most important part of the coaching I provide is the support I provide on a daily basis. 


To achieve the health you want, you have to change what you are doing. 


Any change is hard, but it comes easier when you have the right type and amount of support.


To ensure that I am able to provide health coaching to as many people as possible, all the education, support and advice I provide is online.


Online health coaching makes it easy for anyone to access my coaching whenever and wherever they are. 


Online coaching makes it easier for my clients to provide data on how their day is going and for me as their coach to provide feedback on how they are going and what they need to do to achieve even faster results.

Why I coach

For the last 20 years I have been helping and supporting people who want to live healthier and more productive lives. I have done this because I believe that for people to get the most out of life, you first must look after the body you live in.


I myself have been involved in health, fitness and sports for most of my life and have a great passion for improving my overall health and wellbeing.


This has lead me to pursue knowledge through continued education. Gaining a degree in Sports Science, nutrition qualifications through internationally leading institutions, and health coaching qualifications from some of the best coaches in the world.


 What I have learnt though, is not the knowledge I have gained that has allowed me to achieve long-lasting health results for my clients, but the ability to effectively educate, support and empower each client in what they need to do to achieve the goals they have set out to achieve. 


I pride myself on meeting past clients and being told that what they learnt through being coached, they are still applying for many years after the coaching plan I took them through. This increases my belief that the coaching approach I apply, works and provides lasting results.


But as a coach, I know that health and fitness is a changing environment, and what works for one person, might not work for the next. So I continue to learn from the best and implement the best coaching I can to each one of my clients.

what my clients say


As someone who has always struggled with my weight, I have tried all different types of nutrition plans and exercise routines. 


Only when I started to focus on improving my overall health did I start to see long-lasting results.


The coaching approach that Chris has is great for anyone who is limited in time but wants to eat well and enjoy exercising. 


I am a very active person and I like to try different types of exercise, but I have always struggled when it comes to knowing what's best to eat and following the right habits to living a healthy life.


The health education Chris provides is at a level that is easy to follow and understand.


Before hiring Chris as my health coach, I struggled to maintain any regular exercise, nutrition or lifestyle routine.


By having a very personal approach, the coaching was specific in helping me implement the correct habits and behaviours that fitted in with my life and work commitments. 

what My coaching will provide you







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For long-lasting health results to be achieved, certain habits and behaviours need to be followed on a daily basis. The more help and support you receive the greater the chance of success in implementing these habits and behaviours.

Each day I will help and support you through using the following coaching methods and tools:


- Daily coaching lessons on how to follow the right nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits, and how to have the correct healthy mindset to stay focused and motivated 


- Daily reminders on what personal and specific health habits you need to complete

- Daily personalised nutrition and exercise plan to follow 


- Weekly action plan on how best to implement your specific exercise, nutrition, lifestyle habits and the correct mindset to achieve the progress you want


- Coaching feedback on what you have done well over the past week and what you can do to achieve better results for the coming week


- A weekly health score to show your progress so far and what areas still need improving


- Monthly assessment on the progress you have made so far, to help you stay focused and motivated for the coming month


- Face to face coaching session to give you specific feedback on exercise, nutrition and lifestyle and go over the coaching plan for the next month


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