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Exercise Beyond 50

Find out what the right type and amount of exercise you need to be doing at 50 & beyond.

Know More About Exercise

As your coach, I will educate you on what type, and amount of exercise you need to be doing and what the right level of intensity is for being fit and healthy at 50 & beyond.

Learn what it will take to be pain-free, mobile and strong at this important stage in your life.


An Exercise Plan You Can Stick To

As my client, I will work with you in developing the most effective exercise plan for your current needs and abilities. 

Your exercise plan will have the right mix and balance of strength, cardio, flexibility and balance & agility tranining.

By becoming fitter and stronger you will achieve a healthy body composition, become mentally stronger and slow the aging process.


Build Consistent Exercise Habits

The majority of over 50s don't stay strong and fit as they age because they are unable to maintain a consistent exercise routine. 

I will coach you on what it will take to sustain an exercise habit that is easy to follow and fits in with your lifestyle. 

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Book a Discovery Consultation to find out more about how I can coach you on what the right type and amount of exercise are for your goals, needs and requirements. 

Through the consultation, we will discuss in more detail your goals, what is currently holding you back and what is the best way forward to overcome your challenges and achieve long-term health and wellbeing.

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