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Choose A Coaching Plan

Depending on where you are currently on your journey to good health, I offer different coaching plans to suit. From just finding out if you have what it takes to be consistent, all the way up to needing a very personalised coaching approach in achieving your health goals. 


If you are not sure which plan is right and you need to ask some questions, why not book a free Discovery Consultation. Always happy to help and make sure you receive the best advice and recommendation.

Introductory Coaching Plan


Cost: Free




Ideal for people who want to start building habit consistency but not sure what healthy habits to start with.


Track each day the top 10 healthy habits (which I will provide you) covering nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, stress and sleep. And build an understanding of which habits work for you.


Receive a monthly report on your habit consistency to see how well you are doing and build confidence that change is possible when it comes to your health and wellbeing. 


What You Will Recieve:


  • Habit Tracking App

  • The Top 10 Healthy Habits For Lasting Results

  • Monthly Feedback On How Your Habit Consistency Is Going

Progress Coaching Plan


Cost: £100 per month




Ideal for people who already know which habits they need to build consistency for, but struggle to maintain them.


Who need a high level of accountability and support in making and sustaining lasting change to their health and wellbeing.


Receive weekly feedback and recommendations on your progress and areas that still require more help. 


What You Will Recieve: 


  • Habit Tracking App

  • Personal Habits To Track On A Daily Basis

  • Weekly Feedback & Recommendations On Progress

  • Access To My 50 & Beyond Health Plan, Coaching On What It Takes To Stay Healthy, Fit & Strong Over The Age Of 50

  • Daily Habit Reminders & Coaching Messages To Help You Stay Consistent & On Track

  • Monthly Health Assessment To Measure Current Levels Of Health, Nutrition, Exercise & Lifestyle

Personalised Coaching Plan


Cost: £150 per month




Ideal for people who are looking for a more personalised coaching approach to staying healthy, fit and strong over the age of 50. Receive a personalised nutrition, exercise and lifestyle plan and personalised coaching lessons that are specific to your goals and health outcomes. 


What You Will Recieve:


  • Same As The Progress Coaching Plan, Plus;

  • Personal Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle Coaching Plans

  • Monthly Coaching Session, Either By Phone, Video Call Or In Person 

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