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stop what you are doing to be successful

"What You Focus On Is What You Will Get"

When you start out on your journey to become healthier, fitter and more capable of handling life, you think about what actions are needed to achieve your goals (in other words, be successful). 


While this is the logical way to go about improving yourself, you also have to think of what you need to stop doing. For example, you might want to start introducing more fruit and veg into your diet, but for you to maximise the benefits from doing this, you also need to reduce the amount of processed food that you consume. You might want to give more time to exercise, but first, you must free up the time you are using to do other activities. 


For any beneficial change to happen, you first must stop doing the things that are holding you back. 


Here are just some of the things that can stop you from succeeding in your health;

1. Thinking About Doing It

Research has found that people who spend their time just thinking about what they want to achieve and not doing it, waste energy levels and have less motivation to do it. 


Start towards your success by implementing the easiest habit you can and consistently repeat it, till it becomes second nature (sub-conscious). Don’t worry about doing it perfectly, just start doing it.

2. Waiting For Things To Change

So many people think things will change because they want them to. This might be down to feeling that you are in a rut, energy levels are low or you have to much to do in your day. 


This is why having a plan is needed. Having in effect a road map of what direction you want to go informs you what the first step is. When you know the first step, it is then down to your desire to make the first step that will ultimately determine if you are successful or not. Without the first step, you can’t have a second step.

3. Blaming Others For Your Of Success

No matter what plan you have to be successful or how strong your desire is to succeed, other people or situations can stop you dead in your tracks. Life just gets in the way sometimes. 


The difference between successful and non-successful people are the actions that are implemented when things get in the way. Successful people look at what they can still do to move forward, as they believe their results are down to their actions, not others. If you want to succeed, you need to first take responsibility for your actions and not blame others for what you end up with.

4. Dwelling On Past Failings

The past is the past. You have no means of going back and changing the past. All you can do is improve on the past. 


Champions know that successes inevitable, that there is no such thing as failure, only feedback. They know that the best way to forecast the future is to create it.


- Micheal J. Gelb


When it comes to your health, you will not always get it right. But you are only failing if you don’t use past experiences to improve this time around. The state of your health never stands still. It is either getting better or getting worse. What direction it goes is determined what you do now, not what you did in the past. 

Your health is down to you. The longer you wait to change it, the longer it will take to improve. Stop waiting and get on with it. You are the only one to blame or praise for the health you have.

Chris, myHealthCoach

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