Life Performance Blog: Does Only Eating To 80% Full Really Work?

Why “80% full”? First: The exact number isn’t important. “80% full” is just an idea of eating a little less than you normally would. 80% full is about two things:

1. How much you eat.

2. How it feels to eat that much.

So by doing this habit, you’ll learn:

1. What portion sizes work for you.

2. What it feels like to be physically hungry, satisfied, and/or full.

In the beginning, you won’t know what 80% full is for you.

You probably won’t know what 80% feels like, or what portion sizes work best. That’s OK.

You’ll experiment.

Here are two techniques to get you started.

Eat slowly = 80% full along with eating slowly, 80% full is one of the two most important “anchor habits” in nutrition coaching.

If you can master only two nutrition habits , make them these habits. (Seriously. They're that important!)

And they work together.

The better you are at slow eating, the easier 80% full will be.

So in the beginning, as you learn what 80% looks like for you, go slow.

1. Take a bite.