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Life Performance Blog: Are You Even Trying?

Welcome to this week's Life Performance Blog. Each week I will share with you health articles, podcasts, workouts and the latest research when it comes to living a healthy life.

My aim is to help people become better informed, take action and move towards better health, a stronger body and mind, and take control back of their health and wellbeing.

This Week's Health Article: Why Trying Is The Most Important Thing You Can Do

One of the most heartbreaking, soul-destroying and success-hindering comments you can make is “What’s the point in trying”.

Indeed, what is the point? The point is, that trying is the first and therefore the most important part of the journey to succeeding.

One of my most common coaching instructions to my clients is “Just give it a try”.

So you think you can’t lift a heavier weight, “Just give it a try”. If you think you can’t get to bed earlier “Just give it a try”. If you think you can’t give up sugar for a month, “Just give it a try”.

The first step to success is taking the first step. You might just surprise yourself with what you can do.

This Weeks Health Podcast: The Problem With Eating Plants (not that you shouldn't)

This week's podcast is from Fundamental Health with Paul Saladino.

There is a lot of discussion at the moment with regard to either eating solely a plant-based diet or a Omnivore diet. Whichever direction to decide to go, you first need to find out what you are going to encounter. In this enlightening podcast, you will find out how the body reacts to eating plants and how you can tailor what plants to eat for your own personalised requirement.

This Week’s Health Research: Physical activity and enhanced fitness to improve cognitive function in older people

There is increasing evidence that physical activity supports healthy ageing. Exercise is helpful for cardiovascular, respiratory and musculoskeletal systems, among others.

Aerobic activity, in particular, improves cardiovascular fitness and, based on recently reported findings, may also have beneficial effects on cognition among older people.

This Week's Workout Recommendation:

Each week I will recommend a workout that, if performed multiple times through the week, will help you increase strength, cardio fitness, mobility and mental confidence. Depending on your access to equipment, change the exercises to suit but keep the workout protocol the same.

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Chris, myHealthCoach

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