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Diet Confusion. How Do You Rate?

If you feel confused and even overwhelmed by the bombardment of new, constant and sometimes conflicting dietary advice, then you are forgiven!

Nutrition is a complex science that often gets twisted and bent in brief stories that appear on television, in newspapers and magazines or on the internet.

The result? Frustration.

Feeling frustrated can sap your diet confidence and sometimes create a barrier to using all the good dietary information that’s available.

Diet Confusion Quiz

Take this quick quiz to see whether you suffer from diet confusion. Do you...

1. Often find yourself discussing the latest diets with friends?

2. Regularly purchase diet books?

3. Read diet articles or celebrity stories in popular magazines?

4. Search the internet for diet information?

5. Find yourself trying each new diet that comes along?

6. Cut out foods that receive bad publicity in the media?

7. Buy diet pills or supplements promoted in testimonials?

8. Feel frustrated by conflicting diet information in the news?

9. Feel that food advertisements are not telling the full story?

10. Sometimes feel, “Why bother?” when diet advice changes?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to more than one or two questions, the information you hear about diet and nutrition could be making it harder for you to build a diet that really works for you.

It might be time to cut back on your consumption of diet stories and reaffirm the diet basics that we know will work.

It’s time to cut diet confusion, boost confidence and get better results!

Chris, myHealthCoach

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