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Health is important to everyone. It decides how we feel, act and look, but improving and maintaining your health is not easy and requires the right type and amount of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle habits. 


No matter what your goal is, improving your overall health is necessary to achieve long-lasting success. If a goal is achieved without improving your health, the chances of maintaining that goal are minimal. 


As a health coach, I have helped 100s of people over the last 20 years not just improve their health and fitness, but learn how to maintain good levels of energy, strength, fitness and well-being. 


I have achieved this through a coaching approach, which compared with traditional fitness training, results in long-lasting results and success. 


Health coaches differ from other fitness professionals as they understand that there is more to being healthy than just exercising and being on a diet.


A health coach helps guide and educate an individual in all areas of health, ranging from the correct exercise prescription and technique required to not just achieve your goals but stay injury free, nutrition advice and guidance so you learn the right eating habits for the rest of your life, and how stress, support and lifestyle behaviours play the biggest part in living a long and healthy life.



A health coach will work with a client on a daily basis and not just for a one-hour training session, once or twice per week. True long-lasting results require constant support, help and guidance so the correct habits and behaviours are followed and maintained.  


A health coach understands that good health is only possible when the right mindset is created, the right environment is built and the right process is followed for any changes to your life to become the norm and not just something you do for a few weeks every year.


What we believe decides how we think. How we think decides our emotions. Our emotions decide our actions, and our actions decide the results we achieve.


So your beliefs are ultimately deciding the results you are getting. If you are not happy with the results you are getting, then start with changing your beliefs.


As the saying goes “What you think you become”.


For example; if you believe that exercise is boring and uncomfortable, you will focus on all the negative things when it comes to exercise, your emotion is going to be of disgust to having to do something you believe you don’t like, you will perform actions to prove your belief is right (as no-one likes being proven wrong), the result, therefore, will be performing exercise that is boring and uncomfortable. Hence you reinforce your belief that exercise is boring and uncomfortable. 


It is human nature to focus more on things that prove what we think is right, then focusing on things that will prove us wrong.


This is known as a ‘fixed mindset’. Someone with a fixed mindset believes that the results they achieve are inevitable, as they know everything there is to know about what will or not work for them. “There is nothing I can do to lose weight, as I have tried everything and nothing worked. I just have the wrong genes”. The result of this mindset is always achieving what you have always achieved.


The other type of mindset is known as a ‘growth mindset’. Someone with a growth mindset will believe that there is always a solution to any problem and will persevere till they have solved it. 


They also understand that they are the only ones responsible for the results they achieve. If they want a different result, then they have to change what they are doing.


Over the last 20 years of being a health coach, the clients of mine that have achieved the best results are the clients with the strongest growth mindsets. The take self-responsibility for their actions and therefore their results. 


They know that with the right mindset they will be better prepared to go through the process of change needed and to implement the new habits and behaviours required. 


The most important role I have as a health coach is to help clients move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Only then are they ready to implement the changes required to build the right environment and follow the right process/plan needed to achieve a lifetime of good health.


“Where the mind goes, the body will follow”


As my client, I will work with you on changing your mindset to one that is stronger for the changes that are needed and for the challenges that are ahead of us, and help you achieve your health goals. 


To find out what type of health mindset you currently have, complete my starting questionnaire and I will provide you with recommendations and advice on how to build the right mindset for life-long good health.


Most people think motivation is the most important thing needed to achieve health goals. Which is true to some extent. The trouble with motivation though is we only have a certain amount of it and it is sporadic in nature.


What plays a bigger role in helping us achieve health goals and determines how much motivation we have is our environment. 


To be able to stay motivated you need the right support around you, from family members, friends and work colleagues. No one has achieved great results on their own. Your environment needs to be one that encourages collaboration with others and not one that increases isolation. 


Only when everyone is working in the right direction will change become easier to implement and follow. 


Does your environment increase or decrease your ability to learn new skills and abilities needed to achieve something you don’t currently have? Does your environment make it easier or harder to make the difficult decisions needed when it comes to changing your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle?


Having the right balance between work, rest and play is needed to be able to implement the correct nutrition, exercise and recovery recommendations. If work, rest and play are out of balance, any recovery will be poor, exercise commitment will suffer and negative nutrition triggers will be harder to control. 


We only have 24 hours in a day and most people find it difficult to get the most from their day, let alone become healthier. The right environment allows you to maximise the most of each hour and fit in new habits and behaviours, where the wrong environment makes it hard to limit and eliminate poor health habits. 


The right environment is one that allows you to keep learning and applying the right health strategies and implementing a growth mindset. The wrong environment limits your ability to apply the right behaviours and habits and will create barriers that make it harder to follow any helpful nutrition and exercise plan. 


As your health coach, I will show you and help you build the right healthy environment for you and your current life commitments. I will teach you the right nutrition, exercise and lifestyle skills needed to apply. 


Only when you have created the right mindset, built the right environment can you start following the right nutrition and exercise plan that will eventually help you achieve the level of health, fitness and wellbeing that you have always wanted. 


As your health coach, I will work with you to build the right environment which will allow you to maximise the results you will achieve through eating right, exercising better and implementing healthy habits and behaviours. 



Most people when wanting to improve their health, first look at what they should be eating, how they should exercise and what healthy behaviours they should be following. 


But without first creating the right mindset or building the right environment, any process that is recommended is less likely to be effective. 


The most effective health process is one that can be easily followed, is long lasting and produces the best results. 


For the right results to be achieved a change of your current habits and behaviours is needed. 


Any process/plan you follow also needs to fit in with you and the people in your life. Only then will it be able to be followed easily and effectively. 


As your coach, I will work closely with you to create a truly personalised plan that is designed to achieve the health you want.


I will help you implement the right habits and behaviours that will create long-lasting results.


This will involve constant contact on a daily basis so we can work together to help you overcome the challenges and barriers that are inevitable to any life change.


Your personalised plan will cover all aspects of health and wellbeing, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle management, habit and behavioural change. 




Easy-to-use online platform


You’ll start by telling me all about yourself, including your goals, health challenges, and daily routine. From there, I’ll customize your entire program and we’ll start the proven 12-month coaching process.


Simple nutrition habits and daily check-ins


Every day, you’ll get a lesson and a nutrition or lifestyle habit to practice. You can either read the daily lesson or listen to it like a podcast. We’ll practice a new nutrition habit every two weeks, with every lesson designed to help you get results.


Small yet powerful habits to improve everyday life


Along with your nutrition habits, we’ll work together to create and practice healthy habits across every aspect of your life: from sleep and stress-management to movement and mindfulness. These new habits will help you feel more calm, confident, and prepared for each day—no matter what life throws at you.


Personal coaching and detailed progress checking


I’ll check in with you frequently to see how you’re doing and to answer any questions you have. Also, you can message me whenever you need. The program also tracks everything from your measurements to your habits throughout the year, so you can see just how much progress you’ve made.


To find out more and to sign up to my personal health coaching programme, just click on the tab below. 

Health Coaching
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