Health Coaching

The benefits of health coaching

For anyone to achieve a lifetime of good health, they require the right guidance, support and plan. My Health Coaching will help you achieve the following benefits:


- more energy

- increased strength 

- a high level of fitness

- look and feel better

- increased self-confidence 

- healthy body weight & body composition

- reduced stress

- better sleep

- improved mental focus

- increased productivity

- long-lasting results, not short-term gains

- and an all-around happier person

What You Will Recieve as one of my Clients
  • Full Health Assessment covering nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, your current health habits & behaviours, and your current mindset & environment needed to make a change to your health


  • Daily & weekly recommendations on how to create and follow the habits and behaviours needed to improve your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle

  • Daily coaching lessons on nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, habits & behaviours and creating the right attitude and focus needed for health and wellbeing


  • Personal coaching app to log and track your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits

  • Daily equipment based or non-equipment based workout videos


  • Daily check-ins with your health coach to increase accountability, so you stay focused and on track to reaching your health goals


  • Weekly health reviews on how you are doing and recommendations on how you can improve in the coming week


  • Based on your health goal(s), a plan on how to achieve the goal in the quickest and most effective way


  • Your own personal health coach 7-days a week to ask questions and advice on how to improve your health and to stay healthy

personal coaching

£20 per week / £3 per day

  • I will work with you to create a truly personalised nutrition, exercise and lifestyle plan that fits into your life 


  • Daily coaching to keep you accountable and help you consistently follow your personal plan


  • Comprehensive coaching covering what to eat, how to successfully follow healthy habits, easy to follow nutrition and exercise advice, step by step on how to create new healthy behaviours

  • Personal coaching app to track your habit compliance and daily coaching support & help

  • Your own personal health coach 7-days a week to ask questions and help you stay accountable and on track