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Chris Deavin, Health & Life Coach, Bsc. Dip. ACSM, PN Coach

What you DO determines what you will BE which determines what you will HAVE 

What Is Good Health?

The World Health Organization defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. 

For most people good health means;

  • Having enough energy to get through the day

  • Being a healthy weight and body fat

  • Being fit and strong

  • Not being sick and unwell

  • Mentally strong

  • Enjoying life to the fullest 

For many people wanting good health and then sustaining it is challenging. In a world where the main focus is on treating poor health and not preventing it in the first place, becoming and staying healthy is beyond most people.   

The three most important things anyone can do to improve their health are the following;

  • Creating the right mindset so you are mentally capable for the changes needed

  • Building the right environment so there are fewer barriers stopping change from happening

  • Following the right plan so you end up implementing the right changes at the right time

There is more to improving your health than just changing your nutrition and exercise. It comes down to your ability to make and then sustain life changes.

If you can learn to do that, then you will achieve a lifetime of good health.

Why People Don't Achieve Good Health

The number one reason people don't achieve the health they want is down to not being able to follow a set of actions over a prolonged period of time. In other words, they give up.

People who do succeed are able to become highly consistent in doing the things needed to achieve their goals. They were willing to push through the discomfort that comes from change and stay on track long enough to get to the end.

These people don't have any special powers. They just learnt the skills needed to increase their habit consistency, received the right amount and type of support to help them stay focused and built an environment that made their journey easier.


If this is something you would like to learn too, then carry on reading and I will show you how you can achieve good health in very easy steps. 

Life Performance & Habit Coaching

For any goal to be achieved specific actions need to be consistently followed.


  • If you want to improve your health, then you need to consistently eat only natural foods.


  • If you want to become fitter, then you need to be consistently physically active every day.


  •  If you want to succeed in your career, then you need to consistently show up on time and perform.


  • If you want rewarding relationships, then you need to consistently develop compassion and understanding of others.


So why is it most people don't end up succeeding in what they set out to achieve?

What Is

Health Coaching?

Health Coaching will help you move forward in all aspects of your life, by teaching you the skills and tools required to improve your physical and mental well-being. 

For any goal to be achieved specific actions need to be consistently followed.


  • If you want to improve your health, then you need to consistently eat only natural foods.


  • If you want to become fitter, then you need to be consistently physically active every day.


  •  If you want to succeed in your career, then you need to consistently show up on time and perform.


  • If you want rewarding relationships, then you need to consistently develop compassion and understanding of others.


So why is it most people don't end up succeeding in what they set out to achieve?


Habits and behaviours have to be specific to your goals, skills and ability and you have to develop perseverance and a certain mindset to get through the discomfort that you will experience from making changes in your life.


As a Health Coach, I specialise in helping my clients build, and then follow successfully, the right habits and behaviours required for them to succeed in any goal they have set out to achieve, and work with them through the difficulties and challenges that brings.

My coaching will provide you with the following:


1. Help you with choosing the right habit and behaviours to follow in achieving your goals

2. Accountability to help you consistently implement those habits and behaviours on a daily basis

3. Coaching feedback on what you are doing well and areas where you can improve


4. A personalised habit tracking app to help you measure progress and keep you on course in achieving good physical and mental health

5. Daily coaching lessons on areas such as nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, sleep, and creating the right positive mindset needed to achieve your goals

6. I will work with you every step of the way until you have achieved what you want


3 Steps To Success

The three steps to health success are choosing the right goals, following the right actions (habits), and receiving the right coaching (support). 

Find out more below and how you can work with me for free for your first 14 days so you know you have chosen the right coach to help you be successful.


Choose Your Goal

Whatever your health goal, it needs to be a goal that is of great value to you. Without value, the difficulty that comes with achieving anything of importance is more challenging.

Your health goal needs to be in tune with your core values. The values that make you who you are. If your goal is not in line with your core values then you will be in conflict with the actions needed to achieve it.  

As your Health Coach, I will help you come up with the right goals that match your values and identity.

No matter if your goal is to;

  • Lose weight and be in better shape

  • Manage stress and achieve more balance in your life

  • Succeed more in your career

  • Improve overall physical and mental health

  • Have more energy so you can give more to loved ones and friends

  • Accomplish more with your time and have more structure in your life

Whatever your health goal(s) I will work with you and help you create the right attitude, focus and confidence needed to achieve any goal you have set yourself.

Choose Your Habits

For any goal to be achieved, and more importantly maintained, you need to follow a set number of actions (habits) consistently for a prolonged period.

It is at this stage when trying to achieve a goal where most people fail. 

The ability to consistently follow a habit requires a certain level of perseverance and having the right support and environment around you.

It is not just knowing which habits to follow (which is important) but also habits that are simple to follow and which you know you can implement easily and fit in with your current lifestyle. Any habit which conflicts too much with your lifestyle will be harder to maintain, no matter how important someone tells you it is. 

As your coach, I will help you follow the right habits for your goal, work with you to first implement it and then maintain it long enough for it to work and then aid you in implementing even more effective habits. 

Most importantly I will make sure you do what you say you are going to do. Because, in the end, that is what decides a successful outcome.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

— Aristotle

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Choose Your coaching

Hi, I'm Chris, a health coach with over 20 years of coaching experience.


I work with clients who want to change their health, wellbeing and achieve life goals by changing their current habits and behaviours to actions that are more conducive to a successful life.  


By coaching clients over many years, I have experienced first hand what it takes to not just have good health, achieve goals and live the life you want, but how to achieve it for the rest of your life.


By helping clients first create the right mindset, build a healthy environment and follow the right plan, they are better prepared to change the habits and behaviours that are needed to achieve a lifetime of good health and their life goals.


To find out more about the coaching I provide and how it will help you achieve a lifetime of good health, book your free two weeks of coaching today.


  • For people looking to improve all aspects of their health and require daily help, support and advice

  • Daily easy to follow nutrition, exercise and health plans

  • Coaching can be conducted either face to face or online

what my clients say


"As someone who has always struggled with my weight, I have tried all different types of nutrition plans and exercise routines. 


Only when I started to focus on improving my overall health did I start to see long-lasting results.


The coaching approach that Chris has is great for anyone who is limited in time but wants to eat well and enjoy exercising."


"I am a very active person and I like to try different types of exercise, but I have always struggled when it comes to knowing what's best to eat and following the right habits to living a healthy life.


The health education Chris provides is at a level that is easy to follow and understand."


"Before hiring Chris as my health coach, I struggled to maintain any regular exercise, nutrition or lifestyle routine.


By having a very personal approach, the coaching was specific in helping me implement the correct habits and behaviours that fitted in with my life and work commitments." 

"Look after your body. It's the only place you have to live"


“I worked with Chris Deavin from Coach.Me. In this time, Chris was able to help me select and set up my daily habit improving my sleep. Chris was instrumental in providing me daily lessons and articles about the habit and how the proper amount of sleep can affect the body as a whole.


He was very interactive with any comments I may have had and or questions I had regarding the habit or the reference material he provided. Since working with Chris I have improved my overall health & wellbeing. I happily recommend Chris to work with he values your health and is highly competent in helping you reach your goals. 


“I asked for help in reducing my stress and Chris suggested taking a few minutes each morning just to be still and reflect, linking this to my first cup of tea of the day.


His encouragement and helpful suggestions at the start have ensured that this has become a secure habit. 44 days since starting it’s now really easy to remember and has helped reduce my stress. ”


"Chris is very conscientious and encouraging as a coach.


He makes sure he knows what you aim to achieve, adapts accordingly, checks how you get on, gives encouragement, sends suggestions. He helps you keep going "

Your Coach

I have been working as a Health Coach for over two decades now, helping people from many backgrounds improve their overall health and well-being, achieve life goals and become more successful in their professional and personal lives. 


My coaching approach is a very client-centred one, placing each clients goals, wants, needs and desires at the heart of my coaching. I have only succeeded in my own life and business for so long because of the success of my clients. If they are not successful, then nor am I.


By having a very personalised coaching approach, my clients feel that I will work tirelessly in helping them achieve the goals they want and believe in what they want to achieve. For any coaching to work, there needs to be a very honest and trusting relationship between the coach and client. So instead of just providing coaching that is generic and like most of what is being offered, I work with only a small group of clients at a time, so I can provide the time and commitment as a coach and that is what I believe each of my clients needs to succeed. 


By helping 100’s of clients over the years, it is that experience that helps me succeed where many other coaches fail. Yes, it is important to be highly qualified and recognised in the field of coaching, but it is the ability of a coach to implement what they know, which ultimately leads to a client being successful. As your coach, I will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the coaching relationship. I have experienced what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating and implementing the right coaching plan for my clients.








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