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What you DO determines what you will BE which determines what you will HAVE 

#1 reason why people fail to Lose Weight And Be Fit & Healthy Over 50

It's not down to your diet. It's Not down to your Exercise Plan. It's not even down to your lifestyle.

You don't have the health you want because you are not sticking to the right healthy habits and behaviours.

Your inability to consistently eat well, train hard and manage your stress & sleep is why you don't have the health you want.

Being Consistent is the skill you are missing.

Without it, you will fail.

Follow These 3 Easy Steps To Lose Weight, Get Strong, Become Fit And Have Amazing Health For The Rest Of Your Life

Step 1: How consistent are you?

The first thing I work on with a client is their ability to be consistent. Because any exercise, diet or lifestyle plan I recommend (no matter how effective they are) will fail if they can't be consistently followed. 


So how consistent are you in following the most effective health habits?


Take my free & quick questionnaire to find out.


From your answers, I will be able to provide you with my recommendations on what health habits you need to start following and how you can start losing weight, get stronger and become fitter over the age of 50.


Find Your Consistency Level
How many of your meals are 50% protein?
How many days per week do you avoid consuming ultra-processed food?
How often do you avoid eating or drinking something (besides water) between 8pm & 8am?
How often do you perform some form of structured strength training?
How often do you perform some form of exercise that leaves you out of breath?
How often do you perform some form of stretching and/or mobility based exercise?
How often do you get to bed before or by 10pm?
How often do you wake up energised and without any aches and pains?
How often do you take time each day to relax and de-stress?
How many days per week do you avoid consuming stimulants (e.g. caffeine, alcohol, sugar, recreational drugs, etc.)?

Thank you. I will be in touch shortly with your consistency score and  my recommendations.

step 2: Choose a habit

The key to building a successful habit is to keep it simple and only build one at a time. 

The following habits are the most effective for losing weight, becoming strong and getting fit over the age of 50.

Choose the one habit that you are struggling the most to follow. If you are not sure, look back at your answers from the consistency assessment.

In as little as 28 days, I will coach you on how to build consistency for that habit and then make it a part of your life simply and effectively.

If you are looking for something more personalised and need help with more than one habit. Take a look at one of my 12-Week Coaching Plans.

28 Day Habit Plans

12 Week Coaching Plans

Step 3: Book A Free Call

I understand that any commitment requires a level of trust and confidence in what you are commiting to. 


Just because someone says they can deliever results, doesn't mean you should trust them.    


So getting to know them first will help you make the right decision. And give you the confidence that you will recieve what you have paid for. 


So, I offer the opportunity to meet and discuss in more detail the coaching that is right for you to achieve your health goals.

Click on a date and time below that works to book your free call;

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