Choose Your Journey 

Welcome to the steps needed to achieve what you want in life. Complete the following and get access to coaching that will help you on the road to achieving your goals.

"Everything You Are Comes From Your Choices"- Jeff Bezos

Choose Your Goal

Having a goal gives you direction. Having a direction of travel helps you know what actions to choose to keep you going in that direction.

No matter what your goal is, it needs to be a goal that you deeply value. 

It doesn't matter if your goal is to lose weight so you look and feel better, achieve a healthy work-life balance, gain the confidence to believe you can achieve what you want, or just simply be a happier more rounded person. For any goal to be achieved it requires a strong 'why': 


- Why do you want to achieve it?

- Why is it important for you to achieve it?

- Why not achieving it, is not an option

- Why it will change your life for the better

A strong 'why' is what will keep you working towards your goal, no matter how challenging it might become or how slow the progress might be. If your 'why' is strong enough, you will keep moving forward until you have achieved what you want.

As your coach, I will help you choose the right goal and build a strong 'why', so the right actions/habits are followed and maintained over the time it takes to accomplish the best results.

So before you choose what coaching you want, think of the goal you truly want to achieve and the strong 'why' you place on it. This will help me coach you more effectively and help you achieve your goal even quicker. 

Next, choose the actions/habits that you feel you can start implementing that fit in with achieving your goal.

Choose Your Habits

You can't avoid it, the actions you perform determine the results you end up achieving.


Not happy with the results you are getting? Then change the actions you are performing. 

But how do you find out which actions you should be performing, before you realise that they are the wrong actions?

As your coach, I will help you implement the right habits (habits are actions that you consistently do), so you don't waste your time and effort by going in the wrong direction. 

At first, the right habits to follow are the ones that fit into your current lifestyle and can be easily achieved on a consistent basis. When they have been mastered, then we can look at implementing more challenging and more powerful habits. 


Now you have chosen your goal and the starting habits you know you can follow, let's look at how you are going to put it all together.  

Choose Your Plan

Only after creating the right mindset and building the right environment can the right plan be followed consistently. Only something followed consistently will produce the results you want.

As your coach, I will help you build a plan that is built around your goals, needs and wants, and is easy to follow and implement to fit in with your everyday life. 

We will then concentrate on working through that plan and increasing your compliance to the actions that need to be taken on a daily basis. This will be achieved by keeping you accountable, motivated and focused. 

Each day we will create a daily plan of action for you to follow and then report back at the end of each day on how much of the plan you achieved. When this has become consistent, we will then move onto a weekly action plan and weekly coaching feedback and recommendations. 

Of course, you might already have an ideal plan to achieve your goals, that you are happy to follow and just need support, help and accountability to perform the actions that you know you need to do.

No matter what you require, to get started just choose one of my services below and we will get your coaching up and running today.

Personal Coaching

£20 Per week / £3 per day

- Receive daily accountability coaching to help you stay on track with your habits and action plan


 - Education on how to create the right mindset and environment needed to achieve the best results

- I will create with you a truly personalised action plan, based on your goals, wants and needs. A plan that is easy to implement inline with your daily life. 

- Personalised coaching app to track daily habits and actions, and measure progression

- Weekly coaching feedback and recommendations based on what you have achieved so far and what you need to do moving forward

- Discounted one to one coaching sessions

- This coaching is ideal for people who are not sure what the best way is when it comes to achieving their goals and require professional advice, guidance, support and a personalised action plan that is specific to their goals, needs and capabilities